August 1, 2019

Well stone me , that was a blast , mind you singing the same song over and over again to get some great shots does get repetitive, so much we had to leave it out the set for a few gigs.

Now its back in and sounding great, massive thanks to Zac & Fat Lils , Witney for the location and to Mark Wickson for his great work on the camera., oh and Jamie Mck for an amazing  job on recording the whole EP in a day !

Most of all thanks to all the guys who came along for the filming , glad we could pay a few tunes fo you  in between .

And to the traffic warden who gave me a ticket , well ...................

May 9, 2016

It's been such a roller coaster since we re-formed just 2 years ago, we never dreamed people would like our music let alone be invited to play such an event as the 10th  Witney Music Festival on June 11th!


Along the way we have supported some awesome bands and made great friends.


We also have our 1st EP launch at Fat Lil's on the 26th May, it free entry and all are welcome.


Stay tuned for more gig news coming soon


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